3 Essential Floor Drain Maintenance Tips

Consistently ensure functionality and avoid water damage by following these 3 essential floor drain maintenance tips.

While numerous drainage problems are avoidable, many homeowners only consider their home’s drains when issues arise. 

Among these, floor drains are often overlooked despite the fact that they have the potential to cause flooding and, in the event of blockages, demand expensive water damage repairs.

To avoid these issues, it is essential to follow these easy floor drain maintenance tips. Doing this will help you stay ahead of any problems in your house and make sure you’re taking steps to keep your home safe from drain problems.

What is a Floor Drain?

Floor drains are crucial components of homes both inside and outside, but they are frequently overlooked because they aren’t used every day like sinks and showers. 

They help water drain quickly in places like basements, laundry rooms, older bathrooms, garages, and some patios or driveways. 

They manage excess water from fixtures like sinks and water heaters inside, while outside, they direct rain and melted snow away from the house. 

These drains are like bathtub drains and keep areas dry and prevent flooding by connecting to sewers or storm drains. 

To keep them working well, it’s crucial to fill their U-shaped traps with water to stop bad smells. These drains can get blocked by dirt and debris, which is worsened when sweeping dirt into them.

How to Maintain Your Home's Floor Drains

Effective floor drain maintenance is vital in averting potential disasters, and fortunately, it doesn’t demand exhaustive efforts. By adhering to these tips consistently over the year, you can sidestep the common issue of floor drains

Committing to these easy floor drain maintenance tips guarantees that they will remain functional when required, acting as a barrier against flooding and mitigating the costly aftermath of water damage. Here are the 3 simple tips:

1. Fill drain traps monthly.

In your home’s drainage system, water is guided to a sewer or storm drain. Drain traps act as a defense against sewer odors and gases entering your home, requiring water to function effectively. 

To maintain this, pour a gallon of water down each floor drain monthly. These indoor drains collect overflow from sinks, toilets, and more, while outdoor drains swiftly manage rainwater. 

Whether indoors or outdoors, floor drains ensure dry spaces and prevent flooding by channeling water to sewers or storm drains. 

Consistently replenishing traps by pouring water down the drains safeguards against unwanted odors and gases by forming a barrier between your living space and the sewer system.

1. Clean drains regularly.

Maintaining floor drains involves regular check-ups and cleaning every four months to prevent blockages. Lift the cover, and eliminate debris using a brush, hose, or manually. Examine and remove debris every three months; if necessary, use a liquid drain cleaner. 

Annual professional cleanings avert clogs and ensure smooth drain operation. Refill traps monthly for low-flow drains to counter sewer gas and maintain trap water levels. 

Intermittently, twice a year, give drains a thorough cleanse. If slow or clogged, tackle the issue using a crank snake to reach and eliminate the blockage.

3. Clear Clogs Immediately

It’s essential to act quickly if you notice water draining slowly to avoid flooding. You can fix minor blockages by using a plunger or a drain auger. Just put the cable in, find the blockage, and pull it out.

You can also make a homemade cleaner by mixing baking soda and vinegar, then pouring boiling water down the drain. Avoid using chemical cleaners because they can damage your pipes.

Circling the Drain? Call Rescue Plumbers!

Ensure optimal floor drain maintenance with these essential tips. For professional aid, contact Rescue Plumbers, experts in comprehensive cleaning and repair of floor sinks and drains. 

As vital conduits to your drainage system, floor sinks and drains demand meticulous attention, a specialty mastered by our skilled plumbing technicians. We are also available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Experience worry-free plumbing with our drainage services, ensuring uninterrupted pipe and drain flow, and eliminating concerns about clogs or backups. Proactively prepare for potential drain emergencies.

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