Health & Safety

  • We are cleaning and sanitizing our office, warehouse and equipment more frequently.
  • We wear gloves and booties and spray with a disinfectant with more than 70% alcohol content throughout the work area.
  • We are also equipped with masks and upon your request our Service Technician will happily wear a face mask.
The plumbing industry is a fantastic trade. We get to do what we love and help our community with any plumbing issue. Rescue Plumbers is taking special precautions to protect you, your family and ourselves.
America, during these difficult times we as a community will have to come together and prevail in this. There are no problems — only solutions. This situation will make us stronger and bring our community together. During these times is when we really find out what we are made of.
We will continue our work as usual and proceed with extreme caution. It’s important to us that we share the precautions we implement throughout our operations with you.
When you need a professional plumber that cares about your well-being, call Rescue Plumbers — we will gladly give you a hand. We want to thank our community for the continued support and we look forward to being able to service your safe haven.


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