Signs Your Water Heater Is Going Out

A water heater is just like any other machine; it requires maintenance on a regular basis. If you fail to do this, chances are that you may find yourself and your family in the cold.
A water heater is just like any other machine; it requires maintenance on a regular basis. If you fail to do this, chances are that you may find yourself and your family in the cold. At Rescue Plumbers Inc., we are committed to ensuring such inconveniences are avoided at all costs. Our team of well trained professionals is always eager to address all manners of plumbing problems that you may be experiencing.
Our professionals also give advice in regards to plumbing issues; this is mainly because we believe that prevention is better than cure. Understanding and knowing the certain signs might help you take a course of action that might save you money in the long run. For example, understanding how to spot a faulty water heater may save you from buying a whole new water heating system. This is because you will engage plumbing professional early enough to do damage control. In this article, we will be discussing water heater failure signs that must never be ignored. These failures include but are not limited to:
Lack of Hot Water
This is a sure fire sign that your water heater has a problem. As the water in the tank gets heated, minerals in the water are separated and settle at the bottom of the tank. As time lapses, the mineral deposits build up and create a barrier between the water and the burner. This means that less heat reaches the water; thus, causing your shower water to be lukewarm or cold.
If your water is hard, it is important that you schedule an annual flushing of your tank with Rescue Plumbers Inc. Rescue plumbers will also advise you on how to invest in water conditioning so as to ensure your water appliances run at an optimum level.
Rumbling Noises
This is a leading culprit of water heater system failure. If your heater is making popping, rumbling or creaking noises, it’s time to call rescue plumbers. Mineral build up and hard water is the cause of the popping and rumbling of your water heater. The popping sound is as a result of the mineral build up on the surface of the heater. This is also an indication that there is a serious issue with the unit overall.
Cloudy Water
If you detect a metallic scent or taste in your water, this is another sign of a faulty water heater. This is also caused by a buildup in mineral deposits. These mineral deposits have the capability of impacting faucets. A cloudy reddish or orange color could mean that your heater system and its piping system are rusty. If you do not engage experts immediately you risk replacing the whole system together with piping.
Faulty or Leaking Pressure Relief Valve
When this happens, your temperature and pressure relief valve will start leaking; and secondly, hot water will not flow as you test the valve. In order to avoid this scenario, you should consider contacting Rescue Plumbers Inc. at least once a year to ensure that pressure and temperature relief valves are working properly.
Leaking Water Tank
If water is pooling under your tank, this is an obvious sign of trouble and you should call professional to handle the matter. Corrosion within the water tank is known to cause cracks and fractures. If this is not handled with the seriousness it deserves, you may find your house flooded with water.
In order to avoid further or future losses due to faulty water appliances contact Rescue Plumbers Inc. at 760-241-3100 we are always ready to advise you on the best way forward in regards to water appliances.
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