Tankless Water Heater vs Traditional

The world of plumbing is a vast and complex one. To get the most out of your home’s plumbing system, you need to find a plumber who will do the job right.
The world of plumbing is a vast and complex one. To get the most out of your home’s plumbing system, you need to find a plumber who will do the job right. But, how can you know if they are qualified? That’s where Rescue Plumbers comes in. We have been serving homeowners for over 30 years with our expert services. With us, you never have to worry about getting anything but quality artistry at a fair price. We serve the High Desert and its locality. We offer different plumbing services, which include replacing your tanks with tankless water heaters. First, let have a comparison between Tankless Water Heater vs Traditional.
Are tankless water heaters better than a tank?
If you’ve ever seen one, a traditional water heater has a large tank of heated water that it can draw from at any time. A home with just one traditional heater can usually only have two hot water points going at once. However, a tankless water heater gives you all the benefits of having a larger “tank” without your standard household model’s storage issues and energy inefficiencies. If you want to wash your hands and take quick showers simultaneously but never run out of hot water for those long soaks, then this is what you need. Often people who use them swear by their effectiveness and convenience as compared to traditional tanks.
Why are tankless better?
While a traditional water heater has an upper limit on how much hot water is available, there’s no such limit for a tankless model so that your showers will never lack in quantity or quality ever again. A tankless water heater never runs out of hot water. It can produce it instantly, giving you the convenience of endless supply without wasting energy to reheat it over and over again. You can seriously live life stress-free, knowing that there won’t be any more “running out” of hot water because we all know just how frustrating that can be.
What are the benefits of a tankless water heater?
Here are some additional benefits to a tankless unit once we have installed it for you:
  • Increased energy savings (saving up to 20% of home heating costs)
  • Higher efficiency (99.9% combustion gas exhaust safely filtered through the flue)
  • Longer life expectancy (8 times longer than storage tank heaters minimizing replacement expenses)
  • No standing water (prevents potential hazardous situations like bacteria growth and corrosion)
  • Peace of mind (a full year warranty coverage on parts and labor ensures problem-free use for years to come)
As you can see, many benefits make installing a tankless water heater well worth your time. And to top it off, these units are also quite affordable, so why not give one a go? You won’t be disappointed.
Water heater replacement
A tankless water heater is one of the best replacements for a traditional tank-style water heater, and the cost isn’t too different either. This unit operates on gas but can also be modified to run off electricity, making it even more convenient and versatile. You won’t have to worry about having a bulky tank inside your house or apartment all winter long. Plus, this thing never runs out of hot water unless you purposely turn it off, so if you like to take baths, then this might make your wildest dreams come true.
Water heater repair
If you do not know how to replace a water heater or cannot afford expensive bills on commercial plumbing, there are ways to save your money. Our guaranteed plumbing services will provide you value for your money by offering great water heater replacement and installation services at affordable rates.
Finally, Rescue Plumbers Inc is here to help you with all of your home or business needs. We offer a wide range of services, including residential & commercial plumbing, drain cleaning, and trenchless sewer replacement. We have been offering affordable options for customers throughout High Desert, CA, for the past ten years.
Why wait? Call us today to know more about our services or to get a free quote. We are the leading commercial plumbers in High Desert, CA. You can contact us at (760) 241-3100. We also serve the surrounding neighborhoods, including Hesperia, Victorville, Spring Valley, Lake, Apple Valley, Pinon, Oak Hills, Barstow, Baldy Mesa, Phelan, and Lucerne Valley.

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