Why there is no hot water or cold water to my shower?

The bathroom is supposed to be your haven as you refresh yourself from either a sweaty early morning run or a day at work. As you come from your day’s activity, you need to freshen up at the water temp that fits you right.
Looking for a competent and well-experienced company in resolving your shower plumbing issues? You just landed in the right place as our company is the go-to company for this matter. Rescue Plumbers has been in existence since 2009 and hence well equipped in this line of duty. We have been able to employ a well trained and polished team of employees who always get the job done. Apart from that, they will always ensure that you get value for your money through quality service delivery. They are our pride and they are always up to the task to ensure that customers’ expectations are not only met but exceeded also.
As you take a bath, you need your shower to be either hot or cold and it’s irritating when you don’t get it. However, you need to worry no more. Rescue plumbers are here to do the magic for you and we are only a call away. Call us at Tel: (760) 241-3100 and we will be there as soon as possible and ensure you have a proper bath. The bathroom is supposed to be your haven as you refresh yourself from either a sweaty early morning run or a day at work. As you come from your day’s activity, you need to freshen up at the water temp that fits you right. When you don’t get this you may become quite disappointed and this is why we are here to put a smile on your bath. We are a residential and residential and commercial plumbing company in High Dessert and hence all clients are welcomed to call us to offer our services.
What causes the problems?
Our company has carefully looked it into the reason why there is no hot or cold water an have the answers for you. When it comes to your shower not pouring out cold what this could be due to a defective pressure-balancing valve. Inside the faucet, there is a cartridge that hosts the valve. Once the valve is shut off you are assured that there will be no cold water. This may be caused due to corrosion and build-up of unwanted mineral in your faucet.
On the other side, lack of hot water may be caused due to the disfunctional heating part of the shower system. Apart from that, the other reason may be due to the lack of enough water entering the shower-head due to your plumbing system. You may need a thorough inspection or this and you just at the right place. In addition to that, the reason behind no hot water in your showerhead may also be blamed on having a faulty cartridge. This can be fixed by replacing it with a new one to get the job done for you. You may also experience issues with your valve and for you to fix,it’s by rebuilding it but you have to always check the brand. It helps you get the right procedure to it and also if the replacement is needed you will use the brand’s valve. Lastly, if your house is aging you certainly need some changes as this may be the reason behind your faulty showerhead. This because you may have galvanized water pipes. This causes sediments to cling and hence your waterway is not clear hence low pressure which leads to your shower not heating water. You need to replace the water pipes and if possible even the showerhead as it may have some rust particles inside it. All said and done you need not worry as Rescue Plumbers is here for you and we are the experts to do the job for you.
What makes us stand out from the rest
The fact that we are a wholly specialized company in plumbing we are all rounded in this field. We will ensure that your shower is back to the spark that was there before so that as you freshen up you have no more reason to complain. We have well-experienced staff who are well trained and knowledgeable with the latest trends in showerheads as well as the plumbing systems. This means that they will have no issue-resolving it and get you back on track.
Secondly, our prices are quite pocket-friendly. Experience matched with quality service from us doesn’t mean that we extort our clients. Rather, we treat them as our family as they choose us among our competitors and that why we offer them undeniable rates. This will ensure that you will be guaranteed value for your money.
Lastly is the fact that we have expanded our hands not only to residents and commercial clients in High Desert, California. We have expanded our clientele base by offering our hands to those also in Hesperia, Victorville, Helendale, Apple Valley, Spring Valley Lake, Jess Ranch, Adelanto, Pinon Hills, Barstow, Baldy Mesa, Oak Hills, Lucerne Valley, and Phelan. You are all welcome and choose us for the best plumbing services.
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